This place is as good as it can get as a body shop.

Customer service was spectacular. Alex gave me a ride to the rental place and back and even covered the rental car charge. Before giving the car back, they conditioned the leather, the dashboard, and cleaned the car inside out. That was amazing.

Also, they finished the work in just 2 days. All the other quotes said this repair would take up to 4 days. The car looks as new and there are no problems with the work since Alex pays a lot of attention to detail. So I can easily say that I was completely satisfied with the work he did. So well deserved five stars for him.

Brian M (Palo Alto, CA)

Exceptional customer service

I can’t say enough positive about Alex. His work was immaculate and included a free detail inside and out. He provided exceptional customer service including a shuttle to/from my rental car. And he was done A DAY EARLY! Yay
Lorri Lee L. (Redwood City, CA)

Fast and nice service at a very reasonable price.

I brought my car here after a parking lot accident, my bumper was hanging with a broken head light and my trunk was leaking. They did a excellent job and my car is looking as good as new within a week. I have a Toyota and every car parts they use is original from the Toyota manufacturer, its a guarantee for quality.

Customer service is good, the contact person is easy to reach. Fast and nice service at a very reasonable price.

Wan Y. (San Francisco, CA)