Exceedingly flexible with drop off and pickup times

My Audi was hit by a person doing a very poor parallel parking job, and received a good scrape to the left rear quarter panel.  Alex at Redwood City Auto Body came back with the lowest quote (which isn’t always the best indication of quality work) but did an amazing job on the car.

How to describe the level of service from this shop?  They were exceedingly flexible with drop off and pickup times. I left them the car while I was out of town on vacation. They dropped me off at the airport and even offered to pick me up on my return.  Seriously. How many auto repair places will take you to the airport?

The work was superb. They used the factory paint to match the color of my car, and replaced parts with the same OEM manufacturer parts so there was no decrease in the quality of the parts. As a final touch, they detailed the entire car, inside and out.  Maybe when it was brand new it looked as good as it does now.  They even cleaned the engine bay. I could eat off the motor if I was not afraid of getting crumbs in there.

I’m not exactly hoping to need a car repair place anytime soon, but if I do, this will be the first place I go. I had a fantastic experience considering the circumstances that brought me there were less than stellar.

Jeremy W. (Redwood City, CA)